A shortlist of Prudentia Process Consulting’s unit operation expertise are shown below…

Gas Liquid Separation

Selection and sizing of gas-liquid separators for a range of greenfield duties to achieve safe effective and high efficiency separation. Prudentia Processing Consulting can also assist in de-bottlenecking projects and/or alleviating plant problems caused by changing process conditions.

Compressor Stations

Prudentia Processing Consulting completes preliminary engineering design in conjunction with economic optimisation to ensure the optimum outcome balancing capital operating and maintenance costs. We ensure the key engineering decisions such as compressor type, number of stages and efficiency, are selected with this in mind.

Type B Appliances

Design of Type B appliances to AS3814 including generation of submission documentation to regulatory bodies. We also perform compliance assessments and audits of existing assets to the relevant codes.

Syngas Processing

Prudentia Process Consulting provides technology evaluation and selection of processing equipment for syngas FEED studies, including sour shift, methanation & sulfur recovery/handling. Plant capacity studies and optimisation are also performed to validate capacity selection.

Fluid Transfer

Design of systems both pumped and gravity, as well as complex network modelling. Sizing of pumps, control valves and lines to achieve the design intent.


Selection of the optimum column design to suit each application, along with developing specifications and conceptual modelling are just a few ways Prudentia Processing Consulting can support your project. Broad range of distillation experience including regeneration of reagents and purification of products.

Pressure Equipment

Prudentia Process Consulting perform the design of pressure vessels to AS1210, hazard level assessments to AS4343 and conformity assessments to AS3920. We also complete third party design verification forregistration with regulatory bodies.