Prudentia were engaged to debottleneck a gold circuit which was suffering from filtration capacity and recovery issues. Prudentia were engaged to oversee testwork, detailed design, package management including the filter supplied from the USA, construction support and commissioning lead. Due to the high value of the opportunity, the project was delivered in an accelerated manner with schedule performance achieving the stretch target. Initial project concept and filtration through to chemical commissioning was completed in 11 months exceeding client expectations.

Prudentia was engaged by Alpha HPA as the principal engineers to the HPA First Project, to deliver the 12 week Front End Engineering and Design (FEED), ahead of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) for the PPF. Alpha and Prudentia have been working closely on the HPA First Project since 2017, with Prudentia authoring both the Pre-Feasibility Study (March, 2019) and the Definitive Feasibility Study (March, 2020) for the Project. Refer to ASX Announcement ASX:HPA Dated 1st June 2021 Microsoft Word – ASX Draft_PPF_V10 (