A shortlist of Prudentia Process Consulting’s unit operation expertise are shown below…


Leaching experience includes heap leap, atmospheric and pressure leaching across key commodities, copper, gold, nickel, phosphate, uranium, tungsten and rare earths. From concept desktop studies right through to demonstration plants, Prudentia Processing Consulting can support development programs every step of the way.


Drying expertise from fluid bed through to spray cooled designs, Prudentia Processing Consulting provides advice from control optimisation through to changes of key equipment parameters for existing brownfields units, as well as debottlenecking and capacity studies. Greenfield sites we assist with selecting the right technology for the application.


A deep understanding of evaporation drivers is key to sizing appropriate and cost effective units for the application. Energy optimisation, such as multiple effect evaporation or utilisation of heat for evaporation duties are two areas where our techno-economic engineering approach is put to good use.


Process, mechanical and refractory engineering to support upgrades, campaign maintenance and new furnace design and ancillaries (such as offgas handling and cooling water).

Solid Liquid Separation

Design of separators across all industries, including three phase separators, flash vessel separations solid/liquid separators (such as centrifuges).

Solvent Extraction / Ion Exchange

Development of flowsheets requiring solvent extraction or ion exchange, for copper, uranium, tungsten and rare earths. Using fundamental bench scale data, Prudentia Processing Consulting develops models to optimise plant design and verify process parameters.


First principles design of fundamental crystallisation unit operations is a key expertise of Prudentia Processing Consulting in both batch and continuous units. Work examples include sugar, magnesium, salts, and struvite.